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You can fly in Barcelona

Raise above the skies flying in Barcelona Have you ever dreamed of flying? I’ve always envied those people who assure that in the middle of a dream they can “decide” they can fly and hop! they start flying. But you don’t really need to train yourself to have lucid dreams to experience the sensation of floating […]

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Favorite Barcelona rides

Fun rides in Barcelona

Unusual rides for a fun day in town To me, a vacation is about having fun. And when traveling abroad, it's important to plan some play time besides all the sightseeing. Maybe go visiting sites in the morning, but schedule something different for the afternoon. And that's particularly important if you are traveling with kids [...]

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Barcelona sailing activities

Going sailing in Barcelona

Our favorite Barcelona sailing tours The Mediterranean sea offers the opportunity to see Barcelona from a unique point of view: the city views from the water. The coastal line offers a city skyline that you can’t see otherwise. Plus a day sailing in Barcelona is a fun and relaxing plan (that is, if you are […]

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Bike Tours Barcelona

Recommended Barcelona bike tours

Bike tours in Barcelona that are compatible with our tours It has happened again. The other day, one of our tour guides giving a private walking tour, and after having been going for already an hour her guests mentioned they had already seen those sites on a previous bike tour they took with another company. Oh […]

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AVE Barcelona Madrid - Tips and tricks

Information and tips about the AVE train from Madrid to Barcelona

Taking the Madrid to Barcelona train The high speed Madrid Barcelona AVE train has become a though competitor to airlines connecting both cities. Even if flying takes roughly half the time of the train ride (around 1 hour and 20 minutes), the convenience of not having to travel to the airport in the suburbs and […]

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