Either you are in a short stopover in Barcelona, longer overnight cruise stay, or you are embarking or disembarking from your cruise, if it’s your first time in the city or if you have already been here before, we can help you taking the most out of your time in Barcelona.

But before starting to plan your Barcelona shore excursions, here are a few points you need to consider so you can to organize your stopover in Barcelona efficiently:

Unlike Rome, for instance, the cruise piers in Barcelona are right in the city. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to walk from your ship to the city sites. Although in some cases, you might.
There are two main areas:


This is where most cruise ships anchor, specially the large ones such as Costa, Celebrity, MSC, Viking, Norwegian, Royal Caribean and Tui Mein Schiff. To get to this pier you must cross the Porta Europa rising bridge, and while it hardly ever rises anymore (thus making you waste some precious time unexpectedly), walking accross it and then along some port streets all the way to “the real city” takes… 30 minutes under the sun, as there is no shade.

There will be taxis waiting outside of the ship, but lines can be long and we don’t want all this time to be wasted from your tour. This is why we don’t offer pier pick-up if you are booking a walking tour. Instead, chauffeured tours work great because the ride across the bridge is quickly done if you have a private driver.

MOLL DE BARCELONA (Also known as World Trade Center pier)

This is where the smaller ships dock: Silver, Azamara, Seabourn, MS Berlin, Grand Circle and most Windstar. This pier is a 5 minute walk from the beginning of La Rambla, and therefore it can work to explore the city on your own although you are likely to have to take cabs to get to most places. We could meet you there to start your tour if you are booking a walking tour, but it’s still more time-efficient if you meet your guide directly in town.

Please note that while small ships usually dock here, they might be sent to Moll Adossat occasionally on days when there is a lot of sea traffic.

Do we need to know the exact pier when you make your booking?

There are 4 terminals in the Moll Adossat pier (A, B, C and D) with a fifth currently under construction that is however used in days of intense traffic, and 3 terminals in Moll de Barcelona (North, South and Z), but you are not likely to know the exact pier when you book your tours. Actually, you might not be informed until the day before – but that’s not a problem.

As long as we know the cruise name and cruise line, our guides and drivers have means to find the right pier. But we do need to know the exact name of the ship, as there might be two cruises from the same cruise line in town that day, and they’d be in different piers. So for instance, tell us that you are in the “Norwegian Epic“, not just in the “Norwegian”, or the “Celebrity Reflection“, not just the “Celebrity”.

We recommend chauffeured tours. Here is why:


√ Pick-up & Drop-off at the pier included
√ Optional airport pick-up available
√ Time-efficient
√ Kids and handicapped friendly
√ Roomy and air-conditioned
√ Dedicated professional driver


√ Pier pick-up & Drop-off NOT included
(meet your guide in town)
√ Affordable
↓ Less areas covered
↓ More time wasted in transportation
↓ 2 taxis required if you are 4 people or more

Take this into account when booking your shore excursion:


We recommend to book your tour to start at least 30 minutes after docking (that’s how long it takes before gates are open to allow passengers out of the ship), or at least 1 hour if you booked a walking tour.
Also, we don’t recommend to start earlier than 8AM (9AM for food tours).



Take into account that you will be given a deadline to be back on board and you don’t want to be late or too tight.
This is why we recommend to be done with your tour at least 1 hour before departure (or 1 hour 15min if you booked a walking tour)

We can help you seeing much more than you'd do on your own!

But we recommend not being too ambitious: boarding on time should be your priority when booking.
Most cruisers do well with 4 to 6 hour tours, but if your cruise is staying overnight, an 8 hour tour is also a good option.
This formula will help you calculate how much time do you realistically have to do your sightseeing:


* Buffer time is minimum 1 hour 30min for chauffeured tours or 2 hours 15min for walking tours.

A memorable stopover in Barcelona

Even if you are staying only for a morning, if your sightseeing is well organized you can get to cover much more than you would think. We are cruise tour specialists that can help you visiting in a time-efficient, organized and safe way. Our Barcelona shore excursions are precisely designed with this goal in mind.

We have selected for you the itineraries that work best for cruise passengers in Barcelona: from city highlights and airport to pier tours, to the Gaudí masterpieces and even a daytrip out of town that fits most cruise schedules. Check out here our recommended private Barcelona shore excursions

Of course, feel free to browse our website and if you find a different itinerary (or have a list of favorite sites) that you’d be interested in, we’ll be glad to adapt to your request as much as possible.







Barcelona, port of call

The port of Barcelona is the largest in Europe and the number 4 in the world (after the main ones in Florida). We are proud to receive over 2.5 million cruisers every year, and to be the departing and ending port of call for many renowned cruise-lines.

Despite walking not always being a convenient option from most piers, they are actually a short ride from the city center and that allows you to plan for comprehensive sightseeing Barcelona shore excursions even if you are staying only for the morning in town. Plus a few luxury cruises even spend a night over, allowing you to also experience the local dinner and nightlife scene.

Our city is famous for its many and varied tourist attractions, and even if you have already been here before we’ll probably be able to custom the itinerary of your Barcelona shore excursions to show you new things. Plus there are also great destinations out of town that are less than one hour away of the city, making them the perfect plan even for short stopovers. The city of Barcelona and its surroundings feature some of the best excursions in Spain!

In the other hand, the Barcelona airport is only 20 minutes drive from the city center, and most international flights arrive early in the morning. What means that you can still plan for a pre-cruise tour between landing and embarking.

No matter what’s your cruise schedule and interests, we have the right Barcelona shore excursions for you!






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