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Barcelona For Families


We work with loads of families and our guides have plenty of experience working with children and teens. Plus Barcelona is very child friendly and most of our tours are easily adaptable to young ones. Having them included and interested is usually easy (unless, of course, they decide to play with their cellphones instead 😉 )

However, there are a few things you must take into account:

First of all, we don’t recommend tours longer than 4 hours (or 6 hours if we plan a lunch stop in the middle of the tour) for kids younger than 12 years old (only exception being day trips, which are usually not as packed with information as city tours and they can rest on the way back).

Then and specially with long tours, a chauffeured tour is preferable than a walking tour because it keeps their stamina levels up, plus if your itinerary requires rides, a driver allows you to stay all together rather than splitting in two cabs.

Also, snacks and lots of water are a must. And don’t hesitate asking your guide for a break if you think your kids need it: a break on time can be crucial to ensure the success of a tour.

In the “IS THIS TOUR RIGHT FOR YOU?” section of each tour description you’ll find comments, tips and alternatives for families that apply to that specific itinerary. Make sure to check them out before booking.


If you are traveling with babies, a baby carrier is often a better idea than a stroller because it’s way easier to move around. Just make sure its ergonomic and ensures a good body posture. For the Summer there are very light and breathable carriers such as the Boba Air.

For toddlers that can walk but need to be hold often, I love things like the Suppori sling and a hip seat like this one can be great. Your kid gets a rest, and then it’s really easy to let him or her down to continue walking.

And for heavier toddlers and little ones that are likely to get tired but are too big to be carried around, then go for a light foldable stroller. Keep in mind that while Barcelona is pretty wheelchair friendly (therefore, stroller-friendly), there are some Gaudi sites that involve a certain amount of stairs and strollers can be a pain – or not allowed, like in the rooftop and apartment of La Pedrera. BTW, this company from Barcelona rents strollers so you don’t even have to carry it from home – and they deliver and pick up at your hotel or apartment in town!

Tourguide & mom of a little girl

Shellie C (Sacramento, California, USA)

I always recommend hiring a private tour guide when visiting a new city or region. I believe it is so important to know and understand the area, architecture and history. It is important for my husband and I to teach our kids of different cultures and to know what streets we may be walking down or past significant historical sites.
Somehow Marta managed to keep my wife and I, as well as our kids (18, 13 and 9) amused and entertained as she revealed to us the wonders and amusements of Barcelona. As we then progressed around the Med on the Disney Cruise with many very good tour guides, everyone kept comparing them to Marta. And she usually won!


Images of our private Barcelona walking tour
Stairs during our Sagrada Familia tour with tower access
Images of our Costa Brava day trip from Barcelona
Lady at the airport taking our tour with Barcelona airport pick up
Treats from our Barcelona sweet tour
Images of our Chocolate Wine Tour from Barcelona (Spain)
barcelona private car tour
Images of our Barcelona chocolate tour
Moment in our private tour to Montserrat from Barcelona: Royal Basilica view


Rochelle H (New York City, USA)

Marta involved and included our children and she gracefully tolerated the sometimes high-maintenance behavior that results when children are far from home and they are hungry or tired or in need of a diaper change. Our only trip photos containing all four family members are from our two tour days because Marta volunteered to take them!

Highstandardschic (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)

Our family, 2 adults and 2 kids (12 and 14 year olds) hired Marta for a private Gaudi tour. It was AMAZING!!! We all enjoyed it immensely and got so much more out of the experience than we could have imagined. It was our 14 year old son’s favorite thing about our 11 day Spain trip.

Betsy Brady (Atlanta, GA, USA)

My granddaughter and I enjoyed our day with Marta SO MUCH! A charming young woman and really great with a teenager.
Our two girls (ages 12 & 14) stayed engaged the entire time (and Marga was great about stopping for a gelato or snack when energy started to flag): they truly were able to appreciate Barcelona in the way that we had hoped (and so did the adults).

Trix4kids (Toronto, Canada)

We are a family of 6 with 4 children ages 12, 10, 8 & 6. Javier kept the children engaged at all times and mesmerized us with the incredible history and beauty of Barcelona. He provided us with all the little detail we would’ve never known or noticed which made our experience in Barcelona a memorable one.
Our youngest says Sagrada Familia was her favorite memory from our European vacation, and I’m certain this was due to Marta’s aptitude with a younger audience. All of us – adults included – were enthralled and engaged the entire time.

Ksma23 (California, USA)

We had our 7 and 9 year old on this trip. Miriam rolled with the punches with our family of four whether it was bathroom breaks, famished kids or unique shopping requests… She didn’t miss a beat.

Gocarib (Rochester, New York, USA)

Booking a tour or two with ForeverBarcelona will be your genius trip planning move. After spending a few hours with Marta, your eye rolling teenagers, your ADHD 10 year old, your ambivalent partner, your PhD know it all best friend, will all look at you with awe and appreciation.

Angelba (Sydney, Australia)

The tour was perfect for us, both in length of time and in coverage, particularly considering that we were traveling with our nearly 4 year old! There is no way we would have covered as much or got as much out of it on our own. Miriam was lovely to be with, very knowledgeable and very patient and inclusive with our little one.

Candice S (San Diego, California, USA)

With three hard to please teens and one 10 yr old (jet lagged and very hot humid weather) we weren’t expecting much out of the day and we only had one day before our cruise to get a tast of the city. Marta tailored the tour to our family and they had a blast!

Dnl_in_Illinois (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Our tour involved 9 of us which included younger folks (ages 12 through 16) — plus 5 adults. It was clear to me that Marta held the interest of the younger people as well as us older travelers.

Rick_Blacknyellow (Washington DC, District of Columbia, USA)

My wife and I brought our whole family including our four grown children, son in law, and two young granddaughters. Given the age differences and differing interests, we were a challenging group, but Maria Jesus somehow made it interesting and fun for all!
Erin P
Erin P
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We did the full day Barcelona private Gaudi tour plus a 2nd half day private tour . Our guide Marta was amazing. Her enthusiasm and love of Barcelona & Gaudi helped bring everything to life. She held my 11 year olds interest for a full day & a half! She is also a great photographer ...the best family shots we have from the trip were the ones she took of us.

Marshae952 (Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA)

They were very accommodating of our 10 year old son, making sure he felt included and answering any questions that he had.
Beyond patient with my 9 year old food choices. My three kids enjoyed both tours!

Atozz1 (Osseo, Minnesota)

I travel alone on occasion with my daughter (now 11) so I will often book a travel guide vs joining the larger groups. This allows me to tailor our experience to be kid and adult friendly and gives us the chance to be flexible as we go through the tour – spending more time on areas we lik. our experince with ForeverBarcelona was fantastic.
My wife, I and our two teenagers were enthralled (the teenagers are a hard audience to please!).

MMJJJSingapore (Singapore)

Miriam was challenged with my 3 very tired kids aged 16, 13 & 6 but she remained engaging and informative throughout our tour and her personalized advice & knowledge imparted added value to our stay in Barcelona. We learnt so much more than we would have if we just toured the sites on our own.
I just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday. It’s not easy catering for a family of 5 where the children’s ages are 15, 11 and 7 but your approach and knowledge and demeanor was just spot on.

Rick_Blacknyellow (Washington DC, District of Columbia, USA)

Miriam was thoughtful, caring, enthusiastic and truly made my two teenage kids feel important and engaged. A truly first class experience.
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