Some of our guides have more experience with a certain disability than others, due to their own personal circumstances. This is why we ask you to let us know in advance if you or someone in your party has some disability or walking issue, so we can choose the right guide for you.

Please be as specific as you can about your needs and capacities, so we can figure out what’s doable or not and how long is needed. The more we know about you and your needs before the tour, the more tailored and personal it’ll be.

Mikeradman (Arizona, USA)

Marta was a joy to be with: my wife and I aren’t the fastest walkers and she was frequently asking if things were going too fast.


We have limited experience with blind travelers, but we are happy to show you around if warned in advance, so we can figure out the best way to help you taking the most out of the tour beside our explanations. Yes, we do know that there are 3D models with braille inscriptions on them at some sites, but to deliver an excellent service we’d rather have time to plan a few more things such as textures and sounds that add up to your experience.


Our guides do not speak sign language (neither Spanish nor English). If you wish to take one of our tours, you’ll need to bring someone in your party to translate.

If you can lip read, or if just speaking louder and clearly is enough for you, that shouldn’t be a problem. But do please let us know in advance, so we can assign you a guide that can easily adjust to your needs.


Everyone is welcome in our tours, and often such kind of issues don’t require much more than a little extra love and patience to make the tour successful, as well as being flexible and not too ambitious with the itinerary.

However, we appreciate if you can let us know in advance, so we can choose the right guide for you.


Barcelona is a quite wheelchair friendly city: adapted sidewalks, and even elevators in most subway stations. And while most tourist sites are adapted, some Gaudi sites include stairs that won’t allow you to reach certain areas (mostly rooftops) unless you can walk a flight of steps. In other cases, using a wheelchair requires a longer detour, and then more time is needed to cover what would be otherwise cover in 4 hours. In our chauffeured tours we use Mercedes Minivan with large trunks, so keeping your wheelchair there shouldn’t be an issue unless you are carrying luggage, in which case a bigger vehicle might be needed – please check with us first.

Also please note that our guides are neither trained nor legally allowed to push a client wheelchair.

Same applies for people with walking issues: our itineraries and timings are designed for people without issues. Please be specific about how long can you walk, how often do you need to seat, or if you can do short flights of stairs (around 15-20 steps each). This way we’ll be able to assess what’s doable and how long do you really need to cover your requested itinerary.

In some cases, it can be a better idea to rent a scooter than to walk. For some other itineraries, using a driver will be the way to go.

Debbie R (Kakur)

I planned a visit to Barcelona with my husband and his elderly mother. We were quite restricted because my mother-in-law mostly uses a wheelchair. We took Marta’s “Old Town” walking tour and the Gaudi Tour with a driver. Marta was an exceptional guide. She was able to answer all of my husband’s inquiring questions and she’s patient and kind with the elderly.

Shelley Kushner (USA)

Our goal was to see Barcelona’s great art and architecture and to be able to absorb it all at a pace that would work equally for each of us (my mother is a spritely 86 but benefits from a wheelchair when available). Javier figured it out perfectly and was a pleasure to spend time with. His sensitivity to both my daughter’s and my mother’s needs made our trip incredibly special.

In the “IS THIS TOUR RIGHT FOR YOU?” section of each tour description you’ll find comments, tips and alternatives that apply to that specific itinerary. Make sure to check them out before booking to find out if there is any limitation for wheelchair or people with walking issues.

Note that you are booking a tour guide service for a certain number of hours, not an itinerary to be completed no matter what: if you or someone in the party slows down the pace of the group upto the point that there is no time to see everything in the plan, the service still has to finish at the agreed tour ending time and you will not be entitled to any sort of compensation. Please consider booking extra time if you feel your pace is slower than the average healthy visitor.

Click to read our terms and conditions for wheelchair users.



Shelley Kushner (USA)

We are challenging people to work with, my husband uses a scooter to get around and wants to be able to access everything. Marta made all that we wanted to do possible.

Malcolm C

My wife has a a disability involving her legs. She can walk, but with some difficulty. Our guide, Montse, made sure that my wife had very few stairs to climb. I think she climbed a total of about 20 steps the entire tour, and did not miss a thing. It was a fun tour!

Deborah and Richard Sasson

I was concerned because I’d had knee surgery a few months before, that I might not be able to keep up, but Javier was extremely intuitive and seamlessly designed what we did around our needs, the weather, the crowds, etc.

Gayle S

Marta was super! She was so helpful and tailored our tour to maximize the experience of two members with mobility problems.

Harry Howell (Canada)

My husband has some health issues and uses a cane as well. Marta walked very slowly for us and she also spoke directly to us which was really important to our trip.

Mamaducky (Boston, USA)

Marta arranged for a visit that not only was interesting for our three boys (16, 13 and 9) but also made everything possible with a wheelchair.