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Barcelona Evening Sightseeing

What to see when sightseeing at night in Barcelona in the Summer

Tips for Barcelona night sightseeing in the Summer It’s so easy to plan your daytime sightseeing, but when it comes to the evening, it’s hard to get ideas beyond dinning out and going to a flamenco show (where, that’s not entirely true, we gave you some great ideas about the nightlife in Barcelona here and here in previous […]

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Sant Joan Barcelona

The Sant Joan Festival is coming. Are you gonna miss it?

Top list of Saint John events in Barcelona The Sant Joan Festival (revetlla de St. Joan or Nit de Sant Joan) takes place in the evening of June 23rd and is celebrated all around Catalonia. The night of San Juan Festival is the summer solstice, the shortest night of the year. Families will get together for dinner: […]

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Things to do at night Barcelona

What to do in Barcelona at night: Sightseeing and touring

Barcelona by night: attractions and sites open for visits Figuring out what to do at night when you are in a foreign city can be tricky. It’s hard enough to choose where to eat! And the prospect of going early to bed, while it can be good for your energy levels if you need a […]

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Live music in Barcelona: restaurants

Top Barcelona restaurants with live music

Live jazz, piano and concerts In Barcelona restaurants with live music are rare. Most locals eat first, then head to a concert hall or jazz club for the music. However, there are some places in town where you can enjoy a great dinner and some live jazz, or a piano player or even a whole […]

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Top Barcelona night activities

What to do in Barcelona at night

The best of the Barcelona night in your hands Barcelona never sleeps, from very early at night to sunrise the city offers a great variety of activities to keep you entertained. Whether your are a family with kids, a couple or a group of friends there’s a Barcelona night for everyone. But… sometimes is hard […]

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