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Where can you see the best Barcelona city views?

We take you to the best panoramic view points of Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful city to walk, but it’s also incredibly beautiful to see from the heights. Despite not being as large as Madrid or Paris, its location between the mountains and the sea makes the city panoramic views very especial. Any hour of the day it’s good to admire them: Barcelona is gorgeous any time of day or night.

During the daytime you’ll be able to perfectly recognize most of the sites you’ve already visited or are planning to. At sunset, enjoy a drink at a rooftop bar while the magic twilight covers the city in a very romantic way. Nighttime is the perfect moment to choose a restaurant with Barcelona city views and enjoy the city lights.

Make sure to take your camera with you to capture these special moments: I’m sure there’ll be some of your best Barcelona city pictures!

Barcelona panoramic view of the coastline

That’s where we go for a great city view:

Torre de Sant Sebastià. This tower was built in 1931 as the beginning of the Port Cable Car that connecting with the Montjuic Hill. It’s also the home of the Torre de Alta Mar restaurant, famous for its great seafood. Both the Cable Car and the restaurant offer an impressive panoramic view of Barcelona.

Montjuïc Hill. This hill marks the southern end of the city, and offers wonderful vantage points to see the views. At the very top, the Montjuïc Castle overlooks both the city, the port and the industrial suburbs in the South of the city. Take the Montjuic Cablecar starting near the Miro Foundation to get some more breathtaking views. Other recommendable view points are the Mirador de l’Alcalde and the Mirador de Miramar.

 Park Güell. If visiting it is a must, enjoying its views is an unexpected bonus. The views from the Plaça de la Natura (where the ceramic bench is located) are spectacular. And if you have the time and the energy, I encourage you to walk up to the highest hill in the Park, Turó de les 3 creus, where you’ll be rewarded by an even more amazing panoramic view of Barcelona.

Barcelona city view from Montjuic

Las Arenas. A few years ago this former bullring was refurbished to house a modern shopping mall with restaurants and a terrace where you can enjoy 360 panoramic views from the Montjuïc Hill all the way to Collserola. Don’t make the touristy mistake of taking the elevator to get to the roof top: they charge you to use it! Do like locals do, instead: use the escalators inside the mall that takes you to the same place for free. My pleasure.

MNAC. A short walk from Las Arenas (yes, it’s uphill but there are scalators to make the climb easier), towers this impressive building from the 1929 World Fair now housing the Museum of National Art. The panoramic view from the entrance is outstanding, and there are often street musicians to make it even livelier. If you are visiting the museum, do not forget to take the elevator to the rooftop, featuring are two terraces with more wonderful views. And for a luxury meal with a city view, the museum restaurant Òleum is fantastic.

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